Come What May…

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This morning I had my big Graduate School Interview.  I have been nervous about it for awhile now. But you know what? It went great!! And, I weirdly kind of enjoyed it. 

It’s great to be done with the application process- because it’s a long road! Now all I can do is wait and see. Still a few weeks before I hear back from all the schools. 

It’s hard not knowing where I’ll be or what I will be doing in just a few months from now, but I think this quote says it all.

Thanks Joseph B. Wirthlin for your words of wisdom
I’m excited for whatever comes my way! 

I’m excited for the good times, the bad times, the trial and the joys.
I’ve got all I need.  Husband, Family, Friends and most of all a loving Heavenly Father who’s always looking out for me. 

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2 thoughts on “Come What May…

  1. Kirsten Wiemer

    good lucky cute girl!K

  2. Mads

    good luck!! I love that quote, I have it hanging in my apartment!

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