Hearts & Cookies

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One of my family’s favorite Valentine’s traditions is frosting sugar cookies. I knew I wanted to keep the tradition going in my future family! So, I got my grandma’s amazing sugar cookie and frosting recipe (that’s right, 100% made from scratch) and we went to business. 

They’re my FAVORITE cookies.
 Maybe because they remind me of home and are full of memories! 
I think they’re pretty darn delicious too. 
We had too much fun decorating! Scott surprised me with his awesome decorating skills.

Isn’t he the cutest? I walked away for two seconds and came back to my name written in hearts. Love him. 

Scott decorates em’ and I eat em’ 

We each made one for each other. Again, impressed by Scott’s skill. Still finding out so many awesome things about my man.

What are your Valentine’s Traditions??

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8 thoughts on “Hearts & Cookies

  1. Leah

    I don't have any traditions and now you're making me want to start some!!!! Love this and the decor you made 🙂

  2. Terri Cherpeski

    I used to make heart shaped, decorated sugar cookies to take to my kids classes in school. I would have to make hundreds, but I loved the looks on their faces when I would come to the classroom door,

  3. Kirsten Wiemer

    oh my gosh, i want one, or two or 30 of those. haha. also we can be friends.also been meaning to make a button for my blog, i'll do that this week!K

  4. Audrey Earl

    Way cute!!! I can't wait to make my cookies tomorrow!

  5. Elise Hunter

    Thanks Leah! I'm a traditions lover, they make everything more fun! I've got some new Valentine's traditions we're starting this year. I'll share them later!

  6. Elise Hunter

    That is so cool and awesome of you! I was tired after making two batches! I don't know how you could make that many!!!

  7. Elise Hunter


  8. Elise Hunter

    Have fun!!

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