Pop of Purple

Posted by huntersofhappiness
My husband got me this shirt for V-day.
He knew it was a risk buying me clothes, but he did so well!!
I was SO impressed!
Top: F21  Skirt: Old (can’t remember)
Tights: Black House White Market  Heels: Gift
Watch: Kate Spade  Necklaces: Anthro and etsy

Who doesn’t Love a pop of purple?

Fan of layering necklaces. It’s fun.

Sometimes All the time I feel awkward taking pictures of myself

What color do you like to use as a pop in your outfits?

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16 thoughts on “Pop of Purple

  1. Caroline Davies

    Love this outfit! Your husband did realy well on your shirt, and the lace tights and purple heels are so cute!xoCarolinelovecarolineblog.blogspot.com

  2. Courtney B

    I am in love with your whole outfit! Your hubs did good with the shirt 😉 I really want to buy more colored shoes! I pretty own all black heels… boring!

  3. NewlyLoved

    way to go Hubs! i love the classic black and white- oh with the pop of purple, amazing!xo Jessicawww.NewlyLoved.com

  4. Leelee

    Those shoes are awesome

  5. Breanna

    Your blog is cute as well and that outfit is simply perfect! Love it :)Newest follower!

  6. Unknown

    just became your newest follower and i am obsessed with these leggings and that pop of purple is perfect! i was just thinking how i need to add color to my shoe collection. and your hubby braved forever 21 for you and came out with a winning purchase?! that's true love. cant wait to read more. would love love to have you follow back xohttp://myotherclosetiscouture.blogspot.com

  7. Sara

    hey Elise! I found your blog from Brooke's post about you, and I've been blog stalking you for the past 20 minutes. haha is that awkward? Anyways, I graduated from BYU last April and seeing your pics makes me miss Provo. So lovely to come across your blog. Following :)Saralifemedschoolwife.blogspot.com

  8. Bekah @Lemons & Snickers

    I have tights VERY similar to those and I LOVE them! You look absolutely lovely. :0)I like a pop of purple or yellow best I think.

  9. Angela

    My husband doesn't even try to buy my clothes. But your right your hubby did good with this top!Method Clothe

  10. Elise Hunter

    Thanks! Love your blog

  11. Elise Hunter

    Haha not awkward! just did the same to you:) your little girl is THE cutest!

  12. Elise Hunter

    This was a first. Hopefully it won't be the last since it was a success.

  13. Rachel

    I really is a brave husband who would buy his wife something to wear! You look great!

  14. Rachel Sayumi Porter

    good work, scotty! woot woot!! 🙂 PS: does he take your pics or do you self-timer it??

  15. Elise Hunter

    Scott takes them! I don't know if it's his favorite thing though:) Does Justin take yours?

  16. Unknown

    I love the lace and purple together, you look so pretty! Thanks for linking up 🙂

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