Wardrobe Wednesday: dots, stripes and floral

Posted by huntersofhappiness
Happy Wednesday! 
It’s hard to tell from the pics, but these are my new polka dot pants. I love them!
 Shirt: Fossil  Jacket: Anthro  Pants: Bohme Boutique
Shoes: Forever Young  Purse: Cath Kidson
Watch: Kate Spade  Neclace: Etsy

 Dots: Pants

Stripes: Shirt
Floral: Bag

Thank you hubby for the new watch!

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32 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: dots, stripes and floral

  1. Kirsten Wiemer

    polka dot pants, yesssss!you're so cute.seriously i was so close to wearing my dot pants today, but the stretchy pants won today. haha.K

  2. Hannah

    Elise! I am so impressed with how much you'v been blogging lately!! I'm LOVING all the posts!! I've been meaning to blog for forever, i've just been so crazy busy! Also –love the outfit and LOVE the shoes!! Do they have a heel? It's hard to tell in the picture. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  3. Unknown

    your accessories are DARLING! XO

  4. Unknown

    I like your outfit and your blog! I'm your newest follower :)Dianawww.picturesand1000words.blogspot.com

  5. Unknown

    love love LOVE those pants! and that bag – and your hair looks great 🙂 just thought you should know 🙂 love,elisabeth

  6. Leah

    What fun pants…and with that floral bag – swoon! 🙂 I'm also loving that leather bracelet…with spring and summer coming I'm getting into more of a casual mood and really want to pick up one of these.

  7. Jessica Jensen

    Aah, I just got some polka dot pants also. They are for sure my new fave! This outfit is so cute, definitely something that would be found in my closet. 🙂

  8. Chioma

    love love those boots and that bag! :)~Chioma C's Evolution of Style

  9. Franziska

    I think the fact that the polka dots are subtle is the best part – you'll have so many different ways of wearing it!and your new watch is beautiful. I have a KS spade as well but I'm afraid yours is cuter!

  10. Kristina

    Love those pants, that bag, that watch..okay, uhm everything. And I agree with Franziska, the smaller polka dots make the pants so much more versatile! 🙂 I'm excited to follow along 😀

  11. Erika

    Oh my goodness, those polka dot pants are to die for! Love them with that military jacket 🙂

  12. Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Elise, those are so cute (are those the ones from gap?) And I'm so excited to have you on my blog this month! I love your newlywed blog, and I'm so excited to read more and share with my blogging friends how awesome you are 🙂

  13. Elise Hunter

    Hahaha thanks Hannah!! It's my new hobby:)And the boots do have a heel! I didn't even realize you couldn't see, my bad!

  14. Elise Hunter


  15. Elise Hunter

    Thanks for following!

  16. Elise Hunter

    Thanks so much:) your just a self confidence booster!

  17. Elise Hunter

    Thanks! I totally recommend a leather bracelet! I got mine in prague and it almost never comes off my wrist!

  18. Elise Hunter

    saw your polka dots on your blog. Love it!

  19. Elise Hunter

    Thanks Chioma!

  20. Elise Hunter

    Great point! Makes me love them even more!:)

  21. Elise Hunter

    Yay so glad your following! We can be blogger buddies now:)

  22. Elise Hunter


  23. Elise Hunter

    Brooke! They're actually from Bohme boutique in the mall! And I am SOOOO excited to be on your blog this month! You're great:)

  24. Lindsay

    Love, love, love the polka dot pants! They are so cute as is the whole outfit!

  25. Kotryna Bass

    lovelovelove those pants!

  26. Andy

    Thanks for stopping by. Polka dotted pants are a staple. And, sidenote, you look really familiar. #creeping?

  27. Unknown

    Loving the polka dot pants! I just picked some up for myself the other day and just loooove them! I'm your newest follower :)Bri Riosbreezydaysblog.blogspot.com

  28. Caroline Davies

    Cute outfit! Love everything about it, especially you polka pants and shoes! Visiting from Learning to Exhale blog.Just followed your blog, and would love it if you checked out my blog!xoCarolinelovecarolineblog.blogspot.com

  29. Elise Hunter

    So glad you're following! I love your blog, been a follower for a while:)

  30. Kristal

    Cute outfit! Oh and that watch is great, I really like! I just found your blog thru the Style Elixir hop and I love your style! Newest follower!sincerelyarizona.blogspot.com/

  31. Elise Hunter

    Thanks for following! I'll for sure check it out!

  32. Elise Hunter

    Thanks Kristal! So glad your following! Your blog is adorable:)

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