Sometimes you just need a burger and fries

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I always try to eat healthy, but every once and a while you just need a good burger and fries.
Scott and I have been perfecting this meal for the last year. We first made it back when we were dating.
It is one of my favorite meals that we consistently make together. 
There is no real recipe to our Juicy Turkey Burger.

1. Take 1 package of ground turkey, mix in about a 1/4 C A1 sauce and 1/4 C bread crumbs.
2. Form patties and grill them until golden brown on both sides (Scott is the grill master, I think he adds garlic salt and lemon pepper to the patties as he grills them) you can melt some cheese on them if you fancy.
3. We wrap them in lettuce instead of using buns to make them even healthier and we like them that way. But if you’re a bun lover, by all means, eat them with buns!
P.S. we LOVE our Cuisinart 5-in-1 griddler. It’s like a George Foreman on Steroids. 
Our turkey burgers wouldn’t be half as good without Alexia sweet potato fries. 
They are seriously THE BEST!
We season ours with pepper and salt before cooking them. The secret is broiling them for 5-7 minutes at the end of their cooking time so that they get crispy. 
There you have it, our favorite turkey burger and sweet potato fries!
And now, for the winner of the Triangle Statement Necklace….
Jessica Ashcroft!! from love,love,love.
Congrats Jess
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15 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a burger and fries

  1. Eryka

    those look amazing. im craving a cheeseburger now! XOE

  2. Marsa

    sooo smart! no bun burgers. i should try this. the last couple of days have been so crazy that i haven't cooked at all. well… i made rice. does that count? haha

  3. Amberly

    I need to be more brave with our George Foreman grill! These look delicious!Amberlyhttp://amberlyandjoe.blogspot.com

  4. Jessica Ashcroft

    What?? I never win giveaways! Thanks Elise! That made my day. I'm so glad I read this post, because my husband and I had sweet potato fries and burgers last night too! Ours were black bean burgers and they were sooo good 🙂 I love a good turkey burger though!xo, Jessica

  5. Unknown

    I'm drooling just looking at those scrumptious fries and burger! Love my burgers protein style as well ;)xo,Elissasparklesandprays.com

  6. Jenna DeSantis

    Elise!!I agree- burgers and delicious fries solve it all. Healthy eating needs a break sometimes ;-)XO JennaDemureindiamonds.com

  7. Hannah

    this post literally made my stomach growl. they look delicious!I love your blog.xoxoHannahjourneytojoy2013.blogspot.com

  8. Kristina

    This is totally one of mine and Curt's favorite easy meals! (really, the exact thing, so funny!) I loooove Alexia sweet potato fries so so much 🙂 Kristinakristina in retroworter

  9. Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com

    Have you tried the Alexia sweet potato waffle fries?! They're AH-mazing!

  10. Unknown

    THat looks so yummy and i totally agree, sometimes you just need a good burger!!!Agi:)vodkainfusedlemonade.com

  11. Rachel Sayumi Porter

    that sounds amazing!!! except justin is definitely a beef and buns kinda guy haha ): i want to cook healthier but he would not like it hahaha

  12. Becca May

    OMG i LOVE that brand of sweet potato fries!!! YUM!!!

  13. Becca May

    Congratulations! I love your blog, too!!

  14. Unknown

    Oh yum! I don't eat regular burgers, but I LOVE turkey burgers. Dang, we might have to make these for dinner tonight.

  15. Becca Moss

    YUM. This made me really hungry!

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