We’re more educated

Posted by huntersofhappiness
We graduated!
It was such an awesome weekend!! The best part was having my family in town (minus the little bro:( I miss you nick!!). They are just so wonderful and supportive. I couldn’t have accomplished this if it weren’t for their support and examples.
 I just love them!
We went out to a dinner at the Cheesecake factory with my family Thursday night.(that place is unreal- blows my mind how good it is every time). My cousin McKenzie and my aunt Tami were both graduating as well, so their family joined us and we had quite the fun, entertaining and delicious dinner.
Ok, how cute is my little sissy?? 
We were kind of happy about graduating…..
And today I start graduate school….haha. 
I’m excited though! Because I get to park in graduate parking… and I love what I do 🙂
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15 thoughts on “We’re more educated

  1. Rachel Sayumi Porter

    Woo hoo! Good luck on your first day. Text me when you need a break to play :))

  2. Emily

    SO exciting! I can't wait to graduate…I'm sure I will be just as excited! Congratulations, and yay for graduate school! How long is your program?

  3. Amberly

    Congrats on graduating! Boo for having to go back to school! 😉 Jk, I know that once I get into my real degree and finish my generals (one more general left) I'll love school a lot more! ….I hopeAmberlyhttp://amberlyandjoe.blogspot.com

  4. Eryka

    Good luck girlie and how fun is it having a little sister? I have one who is 6 so fun!!!!XoE

  5. Eryka

    Good luck girlie and how fun is it having a little sister? I have one who is 6 so fun!!!!XoE

  6. Kim Bird

    Congrats!!! What an exciting time!! I can't wait to be in your shoes (or heels) . lol

  7. Unknown

    Congrats and Good luck on your first day!

  8. Kirsten Wiemer

    yay for education!hope you have a great first day of school.K

  9. Ragan

    Congratulations! I know that has got to be such a great feeling. You two make an adorable couple!

  10. Hailey Devine

    Aw yay! Congrats!xoHailey

  11. rachel

    Wow congratulations! 🙂

  12. Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

    congrats on graduating and being more edumacated ; )!!! it's the best feeling in the world!

  13. Kelly

    Congratulations and good luck in grad school!xxKellySparkles and Shoes

  14. Angela

    Way to go girl!!! Woo hooooooo!

  15. Shio Waline

    You are so CUTE!! I heart all your pics!! How exciting to have graduated! Congrats!! And YAY, for graduate parking!!! xo,Shio

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