Life according to my iPhone

Posted by huntersofhappiness
1// I love going to my hubby’s softball games. So fun to watch him play (he’s the little dot in the middle)
2// Got my diploma in the mail! Now I need a frame
3// This green smoothie was not my friend this week. I had a really hard time getting it down
4// My doodles. (don’t mind me not remembering how to do a cursive lowercase z- 5th grade was a long time ago
5// The weather this last week was pretty glorious. When the sun comes out I’m happy
6// The Revolt workouts KILLED me this week. I am beyond sore.
7// We’re in love 🙂
8// Bonfire at our friends cabin was a good start to this long weekend
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3 thoughts on “Life according to my iPhone

  1. Angela

    Such a great start to the weekend. I normally loveeee green smoothies, what was in that one?

  2. Leslie

    I love that glass your smoothie is in. It looks like you've had fun lately. I hope you have a great weekend, stop by to say hi if you get a chance.

  3. Elegance and Mommyhood

    Green Smoothies are Yummy & Healthy. Love it when bloggers give us updates on their lives just with a few snapshots. =) I am Ada & I just last month I stumbled upon your blog (so glad I did). =)Before I leave I wanted to let you know that I run a Weekly Feature on Sundays where I group what I consider THE BEST LOOKS of each week, in my opinion. Check it out below because this week I included you in it (I have before, as well, for Easter).http://elegancepersonification.blogspot.com/2013/05/weeks-best-looks-may-26th-2013.htmlI am now your newest Reader & Follower. Hope you stop by my page & support me by following back. Thanks so much. Ada. =)