Life according to my iPhone

Posted by huntersofhappiness
1//Last Saturday Scott and I went on a bike ride up the canyon with some of our favorite friends Sarah and Ian. It was a blast, perfect weather and I wish I had pictures! This is the only one I have of the evening.
2//My hubby is just the cutest. He made me breakfast in bed for “someday mother’s day” 🙂
3//and got me these beauties.
4// Me and my mommy. She is seriously THE BEST.
5// The morning after we got married we went to Kneaders for french toast so we thought it was appropriate to celebrate our 6 Month anniversary by going back
6//Feral watch love
7// Just going off-roading in our Jeep. SO much fun
8// Again, cute hubby award. Found this in the fridge
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4 thoughts on “Life according to my iPhone

  1. Hearts & Crafts Boutique

    So cute that your husband made you breakfast for \”someday mother's day.\” My husband brought home flowers and a card that said \”to my future baby's mama.\” Have a great weeekend.Phylicia

  2. Lauren @ Exploring My Style

    Aww that is so sweet of him! Sounds like you picked a winner!LaurenExploring My Style

  3. Rachel Sayumi Porter

    i miiiiiiiiiiiss you! let's play when you're not so busy with schooool!

  4. essentjewels

    \”Someday Mother's Day\” how cute is that!

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