on my coffee table

Posted by huntersofhappiness

Happy Friday!!!
My first week of Graduate school is over and let me tell you, I have already learned so much!
I love what I do! I am so excited to become a Speech Language Pathologist and help others. 
It really will be the most rewarding career.
Have an awesome weekend!!!
P.S. I’m am crazy in love with my new camera. I take pictures of everything 🙂 including these tulips on my coffee table.
 photo blogSignature_zps8df7c2c6.png

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5 thoughts on “on my coffee table

  1. Something Infinitely Interesting

    soo very pretty!

  2. Hannah @ Just Call Me HaHa

    Congrats! My college roommate is a speech-path and I was always so inspired by her!

  3. Marsa

    haha you are so cute.i remember when i got my camera. i was way excited and took pictures of everything too. ps you're a natural with that thing :)and i miss you!keep posting so i can continue to stalk

  4. Kelly

    They are gorgeous!xxKellySparkles and Shoes

  5. Love Bakes Good Cakes

    So pretty! Congrats to you! Thank you so much for joining us at last week's Let's get Social Sunday – I'd like to invite you back again this week – the party starts at 6 am Eastern time! Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes

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