Wardrobe Wednesday//My favorite looks

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Hey everybody! So today I’m off at my brother-in-law’s wedding (yay). So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite looks I’ve put together over the short time I’ve been attempting this blogger thing. It’s been great to experiment with style on this little bloggy of mine and learn more about what mine is 🙂
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You know when you just wake up with an awesome idea for an outfit?? 
Ya, this was one of those awesome occasions and it is now one of my go to outfits.
This was my first attempt at the “stripes and floral” trend going around and now I can’t get enough of it:)
I actually have to tell myself now “Elise, you’ve already worn stripes and floral twice this week pick out another outfit” haha
This has been one of my favorite outfits for years (before chambray was all the rage!)
It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s comfy. Can’t go wrong!  
This outfit was out of my comfort zone. It’s my first and only peplum. And after wearing it and all your sweet comments I’m looking for another. I just felt so girly and confident in this getup. Plus mint is like my favorite.
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12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday//My favorite looks

  1. larissa

    All these looks are super cute!! I have not tried stripes and floral together I may have to be brave enough to do so because that is really pretty!!

  2. Ainslee Hanger

    I love all these looks, your style is so cute and feminine 🙂 Blogs are amazing for watching style evolve!xo, Ainsleeabeautifulheartblog.blogspot.com

  3. Kelsey Bang

    those are some super cute looks! i love the white peplum and mint pants! darling!kelseybang.com

  4. Angela

    I love all of these! You pull off stripes and floral better than anyone girl!

  5. Unknown

    All your looks are fabulous!!!Agi:)vodkainfusedlemonade.com

  6. Unknown

    You are simply and seriously just the cutest. xo

  7. Chelsea @ Lost in Travels

    i love that f21 skirt! i have such a hard time finding 'long' skirts that hit close to my knees!

  8. Harley

    peplum is SO cute.

  9. Marsa

    you are SO gorgeous!and i miss you!that peplum top is seriously amazing on you. husband did good.

  10. Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout

    Yes! Love the Peplums, they are so cute!! Loving these looks girl :)xoxo Jamiewww.bnjsefcik.blogspot.com

  11. CaveGurl

    I love all these too! Love your style!

  12. Sarah

    I say wear your stripes and florals all you want because you knocked it out of the park! Love that look!

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