Revolt//week 7 & My Sweet Tooth

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The weeks keep rolling by so fast! and we’re still lovin Revolt Fitness.
Today I wanted to talk about my sweet tooth. I think almost everyone has one and I definitely do. 
I think that is one of the reasons Revolt has worked so well for me (and for the hubby). The desserts are delicious! 
All of the desserts have been amazing, but Week 7’s dessert has been my favorite!!
Greek Yogurt Chocolate Dip with Strawberries
It’s so easy and so so yummy!
I’m not allowed to give out Revolt recipes (just join revolt already :)!!)
Lucky for you, this recipe is all over pinterest and healthy eating blogs already so I can share it with you!
It’s this simple– 
1 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt (I like using Fage brand)
 3-4 Tbs unsweetend cocoa powder
 and Stevia to taste

Truly a healthy dessert. Never thought I would say that….
Also I feel good in a swimsuit. Never ever thought I would say that!! Being healthy is SO worth it.
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8 thoughts on “Revolt//week 7 & My Sweet Tooth

  1. Unknown

    You look amazeballs girl! I love the revolt desserts!! SOOO GOOD.Have a great week.Love Gixx

  2. RadiantKristen

    Way to go, you looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Amy Shaughnessy

    Wow, you look fantastic!! I've been trying to eat a little better because my love of desserts was getting out of hand!AmyFashion and Beauty Finds

  4. Unknown

    WOW! Elise you look soooo amazing!! Thanks for sharing this healthy dessert – I have a terrible sweet tooth and need some healthy dessert options :)Keep up the amazing work, girl! -Carley xx

  5. Becca Moss

    You look amazing! I recently joined the revolt fitness to do a PR of their 'fitness plan' and I honestly cannot wait to begin because of YOU! You're my inspiration to get to where I'm confident about myself and my body, so thank you for being so willing to share your story!

  6. Emily

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  7. Emily

    That sounds absolutely delicious. I love Greek yogurt. And chocolate. Look at you go, girl! You look totally hot! Following you on Bloglovin'. (:May the Force be with you.Emily

  8. Susie Q

    I know I'm late in commenting (seriously overdue on my blogging duties!), but better late than never!And I have to say – you look fantastic! Such a change in 7 weeks! You had a nice figure before, but it's looking even better. Keep up the good work!And strawberries & chocolate dip? I am kind of gutted I missed week 7…

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