Life according to my iPhone

Posted by huntersofhappiness
 These pictures are evidence that my summer has been fantastic and also that the majority of the time, I’m left to entertain myself while the hubby is working so hard (he’s ahhhmazing)
  Shopping for groceries.
 Reading lots of books.
  Layin by the pool.
Making lots of healthy food
Learning how to fishtail braid (I’m getting better!)
Bugging my hubby with lots of emoticon text messages
And grabbing lots of drinks to survive the heat
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4 thoughts on “Life according to my iPhone

  1. Amberly

    Haha, I love your emoticon messages! They're awesome! :)Amberlyhttp://lifewithamberlyandjoe.com

  2. Amy Shaughnessy

    Your ring is so pretty! I wish I was reading lots of books right now!AmyFashion and Beauty Finds

  3. Unknown

    Haha I am loving the text you sent your hubby! Look out for my post tomorrow because I nominated you for a award!XO,http://sororitygirlintherealworld.blogspot.com/

  4. Angela

    I love your emojis!! I do the sameeee thing. Our poor husbands.

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