Random Fun and Goodbyes

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I’ve been working on decorating our office. If you remember from this post, our office was the one room in our little house that didn’t get a makeover after we got married. It’s a work in progress, but it’s almost done! I’ll be sure to post pics of the finished product!
Saturday morning Scott and I went and hiked the Y and then we spent quite a few hours putting new tires on our Jeep. I tried to help, but my muscles just don’t compare to Scott’s. On another note, if you live in Utah and are looking for a new car, we’re selling our Jeep. It’s a 1999 classic. Email me if you’re interested 🙂
Saturday night we got to watch this girl play some amazing indoor soccer. Afterward we enjoyed some Hokulia shaved ice! These two are crazy and got the huge size. I LOVE shaved ice, but I stuck with the small.
Sunday I had to say goodbye to two of my favorite people! 🙁 My cousins Avery and McKenzie. 
Avery is leaving to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in St. Louis Missouri and McKenzie is going off to Grad School in Boston. The three of us have been close for…forever! I love these girls SO much and I am going to miss them like crazy!! I couldn’t resist posting some of my favorite pics from the past few years.
 Love you Aves and Kenz!! I’m gonna miss you two!
 We spent Sunday afternoon at the In-laws and I learned a few things.  1) they have an apple tree in their backyard and for fun they play “appleball” aka hitting the apples with a baseball bat so juices and apple bits fly everywhere. It was actually extremely fun. 2) I learned that the Hunters eat their corn on the cob row by perfect row. So odd to me, but apparently a lot of people eat it this way…. who knew?
 Now I’m enjoying my last week of freedom before school starts again. Which has included a lot of watching the U.S. Open (I love tennis). 
Come back tomorrow for some REALLY exciting stuff!!!
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  1. Ashley

    That shaved ice is insane! I would've went for the big one. You only live once, lady!xo Ashley

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