A Thankful list- week one

Posted by huntersofhappiness
November is here!! Our favorite month of the year!
So, on each Sunday, for each day of the month, I’ll be listing things we’re thankful for.
November 1st- Football
We LOVE football. It’s something we do together. Whether it’s watching it on TV all cuddled up or going to a game- It’s something we both enjoy
November 2nd- Pumpkin Cookies
We made some more of these yesterday and we really are thankful for them. They are delicious. haha

November 3rd- Snow Capped Mountains
Scott had a flag football game yesterday and we both commented on how amazing the mountains look with that perfect snow cap on top. Utah sure is amazing this time of year!
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2 thoughts on “A Thankful list- week one

  1. Anonymous

    I love gratitude lists! I hope you can keep this up, it makes for a seriously inspiring post. Oh and those mountains in the background? BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Jess

    I don't even like football, but I love that it means more couch snuggling. I have always wanted to visit Utah, those mountains are beautiful!!

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