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You guys wanna hear a funny story?

This weekend Scott and I went up a few cities to visit my best friend who was in town babysitting her brother’s 4 kids while they were on a cruise. She was staying in her brother’s house, so we got there about nine at night after the baby and little kids had gone to bed. We all got in the hot tub around 10pm including the oldest of the kids. At about 10:30 my friend sent the little girl back in the house to go to bed and we stayed in the hot tub laughing and talking for another 45 minutes.

So, at about 11:15 we got out of the hot tub and let me tell you, it was freezing! My shoes had actually frozen while we were in the hot tub and I’m just really glad we had brought towels out there. Because when we went to open the door, the little girl had accidentally locked it. We checked all of the other doors, garage doors and windows – they were all locked too. So we were locked outside in the freezing cold, in our wet swimsuits, without keys, phones or dry clothes while all the kids were inside asleep. haha

We spent 10-15 minutes pounding on the front door and ringing the doorbell like crazy. Those kids were out! So, we felt bad, but we went to the neighbors. Luckily they weren’t asleep yet. They didn’t know where a spare key was or any other way in the house. So they got out their huge ladder and climbed up on the roof. They started pounding on the poor girls window to wake her up. I felt soooo bad for her! How scary would that be?! I think she was definitely a little shaken up being woken up by a man’s voice and pounding on her window.

But, we got back in the house! And then the next day, my friend called and told me that the keys to the house were sitting in the car the whole time! haha. But, it was quite the adventure and memory!

Ya, that story had nothing to do with my outfit. It was just too funny not to share.

Happy Monday!


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