Elbow Patches

Sweater|J.Crew  Bag| Fossil (old), similar  Jeans|J.Crew (they are my favorite pair ever!) 
 Booties| Forever Young, love these!!  Necklace|J.Crew, similar  Watch|Kate Spade  
Santa brought me this amazing sweater and I’m totally in love with it. It is probably the comfiest thing ever.
AND it has elbow patches! (leather ones at that!) I have to keep myself from wearing it everyday.
Funny story about this fossil bag.
I bought it as a “cute book bag” before heading to college 5 years ago (oh my, time flies!).
I thought I would use it everyday and look oh so cute on campus.
 Ya right! I had no idea how many books I would be carrying around!
 I used my super nerdy and sturdy backpack everyday…. still do.


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