Elbow Patches

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Sweater|J.Crew  Bag| Fossil (old), similar  Jeans|J.Crew (they are my favorite pair ever!) 
 Booties| Forever Young, love these!!  Necklace|J.Crew, similar  Watch|Kate Spade  
Santa brought me this amazing sweater and I’m totally in love with it. It is probably the comfiest thing ever.
AND it has elbow patches! (leather ones at that!) I have to keep myself from wearing it everyday.
Funny story about this fossil bag.
I bought it as a “cute book bag” before heading to college 5 years ago (oh my, time flies!).
I thought I would use it everyday and look oh so cute on campus.
 Ya right! I had no idea how many books I would be carrying around!
 I used my super nerdy and sturdy backpack everyday…. still do.

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17 thoughts on “Elbow Patches

  1. The Girl who Loved to Write

    So pretty!

  2. Alysa

    Elbow patches are awesome! 🙂 I love anything with them

  3. Something Infinitely Interesting

    love love love this outfit!!

  4. Heather

    This outfit is perfect, and so is your hair!!

  5. Rachel Sayumi Porter

    that sweater's color is perfect for you!

  6. Niki {Glossy Blonde}

    I have this sweater in grey! I love it! You make me want to buy the navy too 🙂

  7. ItsTheNewTwenty

    So funny, I was just talking about how I want a shirt with elbow patches. Cute outfit!

  8. Abby

    I adore elbow patches… they are one of my favorite menswear inspired looks. 🙂 That handbag is gorgeous, I love it!xo Always, Abby

  9. Alicia Snow

    I absolutely love that bag!!

  10. Kristin Thompson

    I love that sweater! Elbow patches are always such a nice touch!KristinCrumbs & Curls

  11. Elizabeth Than

    Love this!

  12. Anonymous

    The elbow patches are amazing! I love the old-school professor vibe they give off! Overall extremely cute look!Sarahtracetheshadows.blogspot.com

  13. Anonymous

    Elbow patches make me smile! Love this preppy casual look :DJen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  14. Kelli Gilbert

    you are adorable! love the bag!

  15. Sara SHOEmaker

    wow your hair is to die for! I love how you curl it, I wish mine would ever cooperate enoiugh to look like that ;P I am drooling over your bag, I've had a picture of that very bag saved on my computer for years! I especially love how you rolled up the pants with those cute booties. Very cute look and perfect for fall/winter

  16. Lyndsey

    you are incredibly gorgeous (I bet you get that alot!) and I seriously LOVE your style. I'm just now commenting even though I found your blog a few months ago. Those elbow patches seriously match those booties too good. I love it!lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  17. Stephanie @ Vain and Simple

    Looks so comfy yet put together. All the little details make such a difference!Stephaniehttp://vainandsimple.blogspot.com/

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