Life Lately

Posted by huntersofhappiness
The weather has been SOOOO nice and I just want to spend everyday outside!
One of our favorite things to do lately is go to the park and throw the football around.
I’ve been running a lot more lately and I just love this running top my mom got me for Christmas!
We’re eating a lot of sweet potatoes this week. 
We’ve been pre-cooking all of our meals for the week, and it just makes life so much easier!
Last week I had all of my internship interviews at hospitals around the area. They were terrifying!
I was SO happy and relieved when they were done!
My quote of the week.  
(I’ve really been enjoying doodling with sharpies)
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0 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Unknown

    I LOVE polka dots – cute top and phone case!

  2. Julia Paige

    Your running top is SO cute!!! Love it!

  3. Abby

    You have amazing doodling skills! I love that quote! 🙂 xo Always, Abby

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