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Life lately has been so jam packed it’s crazy. I literally feel like I rarely see my husband anymore. He’s working his butt off and I’m so proud. I’m happy when we have even a few seconds to cuddle and catch up.
 One of my favorite people is getting married this month and I had so much fun catching up with her and my London girlfriends the other weekend. I’ve shared some of my favorite memories with them and I know we’ll always be good friends. 
 This girl! Haha We are literally the same person. We have so much in common it is crazy and I just have a blast hangin with her. She’s definitely funnier than I am. Everyone (I mean EVERYONE) tells us we look like sisters. So glad we’re neighbors and got to meet!

It’s finals week for grad school….It’s not too fun. But finals never are. I’ve only got one term left of classes! Come June I’ll be done with classes forever!! I can’t believe it! I’ll still have two internships and a thesis to write, but hey, it’s something.

Hope your week is going well! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Julia Paige

    Good luck on all of your finals! I'm sure you'll rock them as well as you're rocking that gorgeous jacket! Love it!

  2. The Style Storm

    Great photos! You have the most gorgeous hair!The Style Storm<3, Christina

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