Summer is Here

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Life has been extremely busy the last few weeks! Lots of crazy homework assignments, thesis data collection and stressful tests. But I’M DONE!! I’m done with graduate school classes and classes in general forever! Sure I’ve got two internships, writing a thesis and the praxis exam ahead of me before I get my masters degree, but I’m done with a huge part. It feels great! I really can’t believe how fast it went and that I’m already to this point. We took these pictures with my cohort after our last class.Β 
I start my first internship at the hospital on Monday, and I’ll be honest I’m pretty terrified and kind of excited too. Meanwhile, Scott and I have been enjoying the outdoors. We hiked the Y at sunset after class and work a week ago and the views were so gorgeous.
My little brother Nick came into town to stay with us for a few weeks while he goes to sports and youth camps at BYU. It is SO much fun to have him around! We have always been super close and I love that he gets to live with me for a little while each summer.Β 
He always seems so much taller every time I see him!
During the craziness of school work and finals I bought some gorgeous peonies that caught my eye at Costco. Β It really is amazing how a simple thing like fresh flowers in your home can lift your spirits πŸ™‚
Scott took me out to eat at Cubby’s (the most amazing local place) for being done with grad school classes. Their salads are so freaking delicious!!
Saturday morning I picked Nick up from EFY (youth camp) and had a super fun day planned for us. We hiked the Y since Nick hadn’t before, went to 180 tacos for lunch (obsessed with that place), hung out at the pool, played ping pong, and rented a puppy. It was a fun filled Saturday for sure! Summer is here!!

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0 thoughts on “Summer is Here

  1. Kelsey Eaton

    congratulations for finishing! good luck finishing up the rest of it!

  2. Catherine

    That puppy is SO STINKIN CUTE. And can't wait to hear about your internship! You're gonna rock it. πŸ™‚

  3. The Style Storm

    Gorgeous photos!!The Style Storm<3, Christina

  4. Fairytales and Fitness

    Hi there! I found your blog while searching for Fashion Blogs!I had no idea you could \”Rent\” a puppy? How does that work?

  5. Sierra @ Sierra's View

    That is soooo exciting!!! Congratulations, cute girl!

  6. Elise Hunter

    It's a little company in our city that rents them. It's puppiesforrent.com!

  7. Becky Skidmore

    Ah I'm obsessed with 180 taco as well! The buffalo taco is to DIE for!

  8. The Girl who Loved to Write

    Such gorgeous pictures!

  9. Unknown

    CONGRATULATIONS! – I love those shots of your ebullient class! Love the dog <3 Renting puppies?! Oh I have to check into that! 180 Tacos – now that sure sounds like an interesting place πŸ™‚

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