Friday Fun: Dinner and a Movie in the Stadium

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Last weekend was great (like pretty much every weekend). We had lots of fun and got lots done. 
Friday night we went out to dinner at our absolute favorite restaurant, Maria Bonitas. We haven’t been there in quite awhile so it seemed even better. 
Ya, we’re still in love. 
This picture perfectly represents the wonderfulness of these chicken fajitas. Partially, because we ate them all before I remembered to take a picture. 
After dinner we went to the first ever movie night in the football stadium. It was so much fun! It kind of felt like going to the drive-in (or what I think going to the drive-in would be like). 
So, I’m in love with these next series of pictures. 
Picture 1: “let’s take a selfie”

Picture 2: “You’re not smiling, please smile”
Picture 3: “Fine I’ll frown so you’ll smile”
Picture 4: “hahahaha, totally works everytime :)”
I’m excited for the weekend again. 

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0 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Dinner and a Movie in the Stadium

  1. Unknown

    i would love to do that, it looks like fun.. what movie did you watch

  2. Anne

    I didn't know that they did movies in the stadium! How fun!

  3. Courtney Olsen

    Ok you are seriously the cutest!! i haven't stopped reading your blog the past couple days!

  4. Elise Hunter

    Thanks so much! I'm so glad I found you on instagram!:) I feel like we should be real life friends!

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