Mountains and fall colors

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This week has been all about the mountains and the beautiful fall colors!
We love living so close to such beautiful and gigantic mountains. Monday night we took a drive up to squaw peak (if you’re ever in Utah this is a great little drive). We enjoyed our short weeknight adventure in our comfy clothes and for me without make-up 🙂
I also made pumpkin waffles for dinner (more like dessert). They are one of my pumpkin flavored foods. I had a blonde moment when I shared the photo on instagram and called them pumpkin pancakes ugh haha 
Friday night we explored higher up into the canyon and found the most amazing and unreal fall colors. None of my pictures come close to how beautiful it looked!
Saturday evening we ventured up little cottonwood canyon in Salt Lake City to take anniversary pictures. The aspens were breathtaking! I can’t wait to get our photos back and share them with you guys!

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4 thoughts on “Mountains and fall colors

  1. Something Infinitely Interesting

    Soo pretty and as always love your hair

  2. Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com

    Ahh my heart is SWOONING at these gorgeous photos!! But that last one – wowow. Those anniversary photos are going to be GORGEOUS!

  3. The Girl who Loved to Write

    These are STUNNING!

  4. Alicia Snow

    I am so jealous of all the fall colors! Not too much of that where I am.

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