The cutest puppy and the best friends

Posted by huntersofhappiness
 It has been a while since we have rented a puppy and I forgot how totally obsessed I am. But this puppy, OH MY GOODNESS, I was more obsessed than with any other! This little girl is a spitting image of my family dog (her little dipped tail and everything!). It took me back to being eight and picking her out from the litter and bringing her home. 
Melt my heart.
 She played with us for a while but was so so sleepy. 
 I mean, look at that perfect little face!!
It was so hard to give her back when our hour was up. In a perfect world she would be mine!
 I was so lucky my freshman year to make so many amazing life long friends. Rachel, Kim and I spent soooo much time together in the dorms and had way too much fun. I am so happy when we are able to get together. We spent the morning at the temple and then enjoyed a long lunch chatting away about life. I am so grateful for wonderful friends. I have so many and am so blessed! 
 I hope your weekend has been treating you well!
Happy Saturday! (wouldn’t it be nice if Monday didn’t come???) 

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0 thoughts on “The cutest puppy and the best friends

  1. Unknown

    that puppy is adorable! you should go to the Puppy Barn in AF, it's a puppy store where you can take the puppies out of their little baskets and play with them as much as you want! so so so fun!xo, kpocket of blossoms

  2. Hannah

    That puppy is the cutest! I love it when they are that small. My parents got a puppy a while ago but now it's at that stage where it's WAY energetic and bites everything and is pretty much just a handful now, haha.

  3. The Girl who Loved to Write

    Ahh SO cute!

  4. Anonymous

    PRECIOUS! I had no idea you could rent puppies. What a cute idea 🙂

  5. Kelly

    That puppy is literally adorable!xx KellySparkles and Shoes

  6. Unknown

    This puppy is too Cute!!!!

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