Introducing Charlie

Posted by huntersofhappiness
We have a new little member of our family!! This is Charles (Charlie) Hunter! 
He is the cutest puppy I have ever seen and we are so in love!!
Charlie is a 8 week old Maltipoo weighing in at 2.5 pounds.
He is so loving and cuddly! He is already pretty good at going potty where he should and he loves to chew on fingers and toes (we’re working on that one). He has the cutest little waddle/run and he follows mommy and daddy around wherever they go. He looks a little chubby but it is all fluff.
Charlie already feels like my baby and has brought me so much joy!
I still can’t believe he is ours!!! Yay for furbabies!!

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0 thoughts on “Introducing Charlie

  1. Julia Paige

    how exciting!!! he is SO cute!

  2. The Girl who Loved to Write

    Yay! Congratulations–they make life so much better!

  3. Laura Mitbrodt

    omg hes so cute!!xo http://www.laurajaneatelier.com

  4. Lustrous.ie

    He is gorgeous!!

  5. Anonymous

    He is the cutest puppy!!! Omg I have been wanting to get a puppy. You are making me want one even more! lol

  6. Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog

    Yay you got the puppy you have been wanting!

  7. StacyHudson

    YAY! So glad you got one of your own! He's so cute!!

  8. Unknown

    You got your puppy!! Yay for you! He's adorable. Congrats on the furbaby!

  9. Unknown

    AHH obsessed! He is the cutest thing!NidhiAn Unblurred Lady

  10. Unknown

    Oh, isn't he the cutest thing?! I'm sooo jealous and happy for you two!Mandy | mandydacandy

  11. Heather

    So adorable!

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