Weddings and Work

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On August 29th we celebrated Scott’s little Brothers Wedding! It was such a wonderful day!
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I had so much fun decorating all of their chalk boards for the reception! 
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My date made the day pretty fun 🙂
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Charlie has a new designated spot in the car. Right on Scott’s lap in front of the air conditioner. It’s hilarious.
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Football season is here!! It’s our favorite time of the year! And these cookies are being made on the regular.
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Scott took me out to dinner to celebrate getting my first paycheck. He’s the sweetest.
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Also I cut my hair 🙂
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When we take charlie on a walk and he decides he’s done walking hahahahaha
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You know you work in preschool when this is your project at work. I love how it turned out though.
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My cuddle bug
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Labor day we went on a family walk up the Canyon.
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We love it so much up there!
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