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If you follow me over on INSTAGRAM, you’ve seen were creating a home office! I just finished building the built-ins (I’m obsessed with how they turned out). Post coming on those soon!
We have a beautiful light fixture in the room now, but it is too large and covers up the beautiful builtins. 
Obviously, it still needs to be painted.

I really want to do something brass because it will look so beautiful against the dark blue walls, and something not too bulky so that you can see the builtins behind it.
Here are the options I’ve been choosing between!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

I’ve narrowed it down to 2 , 6 and 8 as my favorites. Which would you choose??

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32 thoughts on “Home Office -Chosing a light fixture

  1. Lindsee R


  2. Anonymous


  3. Ash


  4. Unknown


  5. Beth Maybee

    I was going to say 1 or 4 for the circular shape to contrast the squares behind it. Out of your top three, I'd say 2 because it is shorter and has more interest.

  6. Unknown


  7. Nikki Kotler


  8. Unknown


  9. Amber Branham

    5 has my vote!

  10. Tayna


  11. Christen Chryssos


  12. Unknown


  13. Unknown


  14. Anonymous

    Out of your top 3 I would pick 8. But out of all of them I would pick 4

  15. Meg

    My vote would be don’t do 8 since you already have so many straight lines and squares behind it. #2 gets my vote!

  16. a la Maxfield

    6 is really jumping out at me. It's subtle enough against the built ins, but also beautiful!

  17. Liv

    2 for sure

  18. Unknown

    4 is my favorite, masculine and low profile so it doesn’t distract from the built ins and the new desk. I think 8 is going to have the same problem as the wooden light you already have, low hanging boxy square that blocks the view and is distracting.


    8 I like the best! Great job on office!

  20. Anonymous

    2 for sure!

  21. Lindsay


  22. Karla


  23. Anonymous

    5 is my vote… something circular to contrast the sharp lines: or 2 might look good too.

  24. Anonymous


  25. Anonymous

    1 is my favorite. But out of your favorites I would go with 8. I don't love the geometric lights. I think they're distracting when what you want is attention to the built-ins.

  26. jessica

    Either 1 or 8!

  27. Anonymous


  28. Hollie

    Definitely 2!

  29. Hollie

    Unless you can do 6 without that little extender…if it was shorter I think it would showcase the built ins the best.

  30. Sara


  31. Sandy


  32. Ashley Ziegler

    I loooove #4!

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