New Apartment, New Term— Spring

It has been very interesting moving out of the dorms and into an apartment!! I love the new independence, but i miss all my freshmen buddies!! This is Shawn and she will be my roommate in the fall and winter; I miss her and I love her soooo much!
Spring term is WEIRD! There is no one on campus and the classes cramp so much stuff into such a short amount of time. I am taking New Testament, Mission Prep and Art History- I love all my classes!! My Mom and my sister got to come see me this weekend and it was so nice! My day with little Emily was perfect!Friday we went to the dinosaur museum, the imax theater and the park. Saturday I went to Lagoon with my best friend Blake all day, it was a blast!! Now I have Thursday to look forward to when I get my wisdom teeth out, ugh!!

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