Day Trip Number Uno… Sucess!

So today we got up extra early and got on a bus. We went to the Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and Bath. It was AMAZING! The countryside is so beautiful. Rolling hills of bright green, even in the dead of winter. The tour of Salisbury was so interesting and I really am learning a lot. Stonehenge was actually so fun even though it was just a pile of rocks! We had fun messing around and taking pictures. Two of my friends, Carly and Liz, decided to make a human Stonehenge and lifted me up as the lintel part of the “post and lintel”. It was a little chilly and a little rainy, but nothing that ruined our day in the least. After Stonehenge we went to Bath. Bath is such a quaint and cute town. Straight out of a Jane Austen Novel!! We toured the Assembly halls and then toured the Roman Baths. Again, I am a history lover! I listened to every bit of the audio tour I could; It was all so interesting. The Roman architecture was also really fun to look at. We had a little time to explore bath and found the cutest little local cafe. I had the best sandwich; toasted pesto, mozzarella and ham:) A great way to end my day of adventure. Now I just hope I can fall asleep tonight. I slept every moment on the bus. England is amazing!

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