Wow, how did I get so behind!?
Not last Friday, but the Friday before:)—
Friday the whole group had a scheduled trip to Hampton Court.
It’s one of the palaces of king Henry VIII. I hadn’t herd of it before we went, but it was really fun. The inside was cool, but the gardens outside were my favorite. All of the trees were groomed like big mushrooms. Everything was green and beautiful! Again, we have too much fun taking pictures:)
After our time at Hampton court, we took a quick stop at Charles Darwin’s home. We just read a book on him and his wife which made the house so much more interesting. Each time we go out to the countryside I realize how much more I love it.
So, in a weird way, Friday night was maybe the most fun I’ve had here. Liz, Carly and I decided to take a train out to Reading for a YSA dance. Carly knew someone out there who said they would pick us up. So we headed out, caught the train and arrived in Reading- all smooth sailing. But long story short the guy flaked and never came to pick us up from the train station haha. Yet, the three of us had so much fun at the station and on the train. I highly recommend tutti fruiti ice cream at the Reading UK train station, if your ever there:) a fun and crazy night.
Saturday was a free day! We were a little bummed that it was raining, but some of us decided to go explore wimbledon. I was feeling a bit stressed about getting my schoolwork all done and writing my sharing time lesson for Sunday and almost didn’t go. Boy am I glad that I went!!:) I love tennis and so Wimbledon was pretty darn cool. I bought a cute baseball cap and payed to go through the history of tennis museum (so worth it!). We were a bit sad that they didn’t have strawberries and cream though! I went and saw center court and to my surprise, it was a lot smaller than I pictured it. Overall it was a really fun day!

Monday was the start of one of our last full weeks in London and we took advantage of it! I started out the week by running a half marathon! Ya, no big deal haha. I told my running buddy Paige I’d go on a long run with her Monday morning, but little did I know I’d be gone 2 and a half hours and run 15 to 16 miles! But it was amazing!! It’s so fun to push yourself and do things you never thought you could. I’ve also become a fan of running because you really get to see the city. We ran to the tower bridge along the Thames and then ran back through the city. It was a great way to start the week- and all before 9am:)
Monday and Tuesday kind of blur together into a collaboration of homework, class, walking and museums. All great stuff, but nothing sticks out.
Wednesday we spent the day in Oxford! Surprisingly I found it extremely different than Cambridge. It’s a lot bigger and a different atmosphere. I loved them both; I don’t think I could pick a favorite (although punting in Cambridge was one of the best memories). We really had the WHOLE day to explore. I’m so lucky I had my friend Carly. She ran the whole day; had it all scheduled out, knew the best spots and we got so much in! We toured Christs church and guess what’s cool about it? They filmed Harry Potter there- the great hall to be exact. Pretty cool huh?! We also climbed the tiniest staircase ever to the top of saint marys church and looked out over the whole city/university. So pretty! Then we at lunch at the famous turf tavern pub. This place was down alleyways and had the coolest atmosphere. I got a yummy chicken club sandwich and enjoyed myself. (this is the pub where apparently bill Clinton smoked a joint or something- not exactly sure of the story). Anyway, then we did some souvenir shopping, explored and indoor market and headed home- well to the center.
Thursday again, was class and homework day. But, Thursday night a group of us went and saw the phantom of the Opera. It was amazing!! Yes, I did have a pole right in front of me, but it was worth the discounted price:) The costuming was amazing and their voices were even better. It was one of my favorites; but nothing will ever beat Les Miserables!!
Friday Liz, Paige, Carly, mike and I went on a walk through Regents park. What a gorgeous place! It almost competes with my love for Hyde Park. Then we went to Camden Market! What a cool place!! I can’t believe I’ve lived in London this long and haven’t been there before! They have everything you could ever think of at Camden; Food, clothing, art, accessories etc. We had so much fun exploring! We even found an amazing burrito shack!!! I have missed Mexican food:) Santa Fe will treat me well when I get home haha.

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