Escaping the Inversion

There is this horrible thing that happens here in Utah during the winters, it is called an inversion. Basically the valley turns into a fish bowl and we (the hypothetical fish) swim around in our own filth (aka pollution). It’s gross. 


So this weekend, we escaped the inversion.

We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to go sledding for Scott’s little brother’s 16th Birthday Party. It was a BLAST! I have always loved the snow and I will never stop loving the snow. 

The sledding hill. It is a lot steeper than it looks. I promise. 

Cool little cabin where we made a fire and ate party food

We loved playing in the snow so much that it just kept coming! 10 inches later, we were snowed in at Scott’s Parent’s place in Woods Cross.
Man was it fun! We had the most epic snowball fight ever. Scott dominated I will admit, but I did a lot better than I would have thought. In the end, we were wet and happy!

Size 14 boots on a size 5 girl.  (came to my knees!)

Epic snowball fight.  Wish I had a video.

After a fun weekend of snow I’m back to school. Lame. At least The Next Great Baker is on tonight! Anyone else find that show weirdly entertaining?

P.S. Other pics of the past week.

Strawberry pancakes courtesy of the husband
First time trying the sock bun. 

Mrs. CTR licence plate….
Eating snow- addiction since childhood. Don’t judge

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