Freezing Rain: hilarious and deadly

Today has been quite the new adventure for everyone here in Utah. We know all about snow, we’re basically experts on snow. Freezing rain on the other hand… ya we don’t know about that. 

So I discovered that freezing rain basically means an invisible layer of ice on EVERYTHING! 

Yes, it’s extremely dangerous and I myself struggled quite a bit getting up to campus. However, it is equally hilarious!! I didn’t have class and so I just stopped for a second and watched. Provo is basically an ice skating rink. People quickly figured out it was safer to slide than to walk (me included). The best was when you would start sliding and then reach for the rail or anything else to grab onto and it didn’t do you any good because it too was cover in ice. I watched at least 25 people fall in the short 35-40 minutes I was on campus. It was equally bad all across Provo and according to the news, all across northern Utah as well.

I wish I could explain in words just how funny it was, but these videos help just a bit.


Why didn’t BYU cancel school you ask. Well, Utah is stubborn and doesn’t like to cancel school for anything, under any conditions. They did send out this email though. They’re so considerate 🙂

“This morning’s freezing rain has created very slippery conditions on parts of campus. Please use caution as you make your way to and from classes. “

There is already a rumor that 5 people are in the hospital…. and I wouldn’t be surprised. It really has caused quite the reaction. Here are just a few statuses from my facebook news feed. Super funny.

  • I knew that ice skating class freshman year would come in handy someday. I used my skills to skate all the way to class without falling! I’m just wondering when bowling and racquetball class will have real world applications…
  • if you see someone slipping and falling across campus today……well its not me because i’m graduated. suckers.
  • I thought frozen rain was the same thing as snow. It’s not. 
  • We should get an official count going of people who have slipped and fallen on the ice. I’ve got 5 so far.
  • Man, a lot of people are commenting about how icy it is in Provo.
  • Ice skating to class… That’s a first!
  • As much fun as ice skating is, my advice to all my Provo friends is to walk on the snow. It might get you wet, but at least you’re safe.
  • The end of the world arrived a little late.
  • New favorite way to get across campus: ice skating
  • Ice: 3, Robin: 0… I’d rather sit down anyways.
  • BYU in slow motion. Awesome!
Crazy day. Super funny! Probably wouldn’t have been as funny if I had fallen. 
Evidence of the ice covered handrail – in addition to everything else (thanks Hannah for the photo)

Oh ya, and my hair froze. 100% frozen right there. 

Good luck frozen people of Utah 🙂


  1. Rachel Sayumi Porter on January 24, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    those videos are the best!!! I fell of my bike riding today… so after a couple bruises and bumps, i put my bike back and justin and i walked to school. we struggled lol

  2. Hannah on January 25, 2013 at 2:58 am

    haha! today was SERIOUSLY insane!! The fact that i actually didn't fall is a complete miracle. Also, a guy from my ward a few years ago, made this video and it's so funny!!

  3. Elise Hunter on January 25, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    I saw you riding your cute bike to school the other day!

  4. Elise Hunter on January 25, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    That's hilarious!

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