“What I love most about my home is who I share it with”

One of the most fun parts of being married (for me at least) has been having my own home. Scott moved into  our apartment about a month before we got married and boy was it a sad little place. I was so excited to make it my own! 

First there was the sad empty family room…..

We were lucky enough to find the awesome couch on KSL (utah version of craigslist) and I had the coffee table from my old apartment. Besides those pieces, the room didn’t have that much going for it. 

After I had a little fun and used a lot of wedding gift cards….

As you can tell, I added a lot. If I had more gift cards it wouldn’t be quite done, but for now this is how it will be.  

Ikea has been good to us
Love this saying my Mom gave me

Next is the kitchen. It wasn’t too bad to start with. Just a mess….


We did add some bar stools (again ksl), the painting above the sink, a fancy trashcan and some great wedding gifts (spice rack, canisters, food processor)

The room that has taken the most time and effort in our little home is undoubtedly the eating area.

We had nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

  We started out with getting an awesome deal on an old oak dinning set (ya,we love ksl). 

But they were just boring oak, so we sanded them down, primed and painted them! It was a super fun little project to do together and I think it turned out great! 

Oh ya, we painted the bar stools too

I wanted a pop of color and since Scott ruled out pink (jk), we went with blue. 

I had a lot of fun decorating the wall and putting good use to some of my pinterest ideas.

Like these cute shadow boxes with maps of where we got engaged, married and honeymooned. 

Next was the bedroom…

Before I got my hands on it, it totally had a bachelor pad look. My parents were awesome enough to give me my cool platform bed that was in my room growing up. 


I love it. First, because it is my dream bedding that my aunt was so kind to give us for a wedding gift. Second, because it’s so comfy and cozy. Since the bed is so low to the ground, we needed something big on the wall behind the bed and it needed to be cheap.  I was just perusing at Target when I walked past the mirrors and this is what popped into my head. It took us awhile to decide if we liked the look or not. But we’ve decided we like it. 

Last and certainly least is our second bedroom that we named “the pit of doom”. It became our storage closet.

Believe me, it got much worse than this….
Sadly, this room hasn’t gotten much better. This last week we finally got a desk and moved all the unneeded stuff into the new storage unit they built us in the garage. 

So, this is our next project. I’ve got grand ideas of bookcases, a reading chair and painting the desk a fun color. We’ll see if it happens…..

That’s our little Home and we love it. 

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