A Silly Outfit and a Super Weekend

What a weekend! It was PACKED with fun!

First off, I have a new obsession. I love wearing my husbands clothes. Until now it has been 100% within our home, but last Thursday was a lazy day and I didn’t feel like taking my husbands sweatshirt off, so I didn’t. Husband thought I looked silly; it sure was comfy though!
Friday night we went out to dinner with Scott’s cousins and attempted to go to the temple. We hadn’t done our research and it was closed. So we got frozen yogurt instead. 

Saturday was GLORIOUS! One thing I have regretted this season is not taking more advantage of all this snow. One of my best friends Sarah and I went up to Sundance for the day. It was a perfect day of skiing. I mean look at these pictures!!
Best b-day gift ever. Thanks dad. 

Our fav run

One of my new favorite pictures of all time. INCREDIBLE

Superbowl Sunday was Super fun. Our great friends, the Keddingtons, invited us to watch the game at their place. Scott and I rooted for the Ravens. We’re BYU fans at heart and we couldn’t cheer against Pitta. Plus, I love the blind side. Michael Oher has a place in my heart haha. 

I made these  amazing chocolate, slightly banana football cookies for the game. SO good. Quite the little story behind them, but I’ll share that and the recipe later….

Have an awesome day!!!

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  1. Rachel Sayumi Porter on February 4, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    you are the cutest ever and i'm excited for our play date 😉

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