I don’t know about you, but I’m usually not the biggest fan of Mondays.  But, yesterday was Monday, and yesterday was surprisingly super awesome. 
First- The random guy in front of me at subway bought my sandwich and then ran away before I even got to the counter. So, thanks random guy for your good deed and for my free lunch. 

Second- I took my stats test; even though I wasn’t one hundred percent ready; and rocked it!

Third- Scott took me out to a cool little Thai restaurant by his work. Delicious!  (it’s called Thai Evergreen and I give it two thumbs up if your looking for a delicious, lower priced, dinner)
You can’t, tell but he loved it
Mine was delicious!! Spicy Thai Chicken on Rice
Our fortunes. 
Fourth- We took the FrontRunner up to Salt Lake.It was fun to do something different and take the train. I think I’ll wait until it’s warmer outside to take it again though….

On the Train
Fifth- We went to the Jazz game! I’ve never been to one and we’ve been wanting to go. They played the Sacramento Kings so we got to watch Jimmer play too. I felt like I was rooting for both teams. Fun, fun stuff. 

Life is awesome!


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