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Thank Goodness It’s Friday!
This week has had it’s fun moments, but it’s also been really slow. My hubby left for a business trip in San Diego on Tuesday and wouldn’t get back until Sunday 🙁 That’s 5 whole days in a house and bed all by myself. I’ve been able to keep myself pretty busy, but this is the first time we’ve been apart for more than our normal 8 hours in a day since we were married and.. I MISS HIM. 
So, last night before I went to bed, I locked up the house, turned off all the lights, locked our bedroom door too (you can never be too safe haha) and went to bed. 
I woke up in the middle of the night to a sound. I sat up in bed and saw that the light was on in the hallway. OH MY GOSH.
 I freaked out. 
Then there was a loud banging on our door. I quickly grabbed my phone to call 911 and said “who’s there?”.  A man’s voice said “Me” and maybe it was because I was so nervous but I didn’t believe it was Scott. So I said “Scott is that really you?” haha
 “Yes it is really me Elise”. 
I opened the door with my hand shaking to find Scott standing there. 
I was so relieved and so excited. But my heart was still racing. 🙂
Long story short, it was super scary but super awesome!
I love when Scott surprises me and comes home early!!
 but maybe not in the middle of the night when I was thinking about the YouTube video about the rapist in Lincoln Park and him “climbin’ in your windows and snatchin your people up” right before I went to sleep. 

I know, I know, I’m ridiculous:)
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