Life according to my iPhone

1//When it snowed last week I put on my Hunter boots and realized it was the first time MRS. Hunter was wearing her Hunter boots:)
2//Ever since the bubble necklace craze started I’ve wanted one but haven’t wanted to pay an arm and a leg. J.Crew extreme sale treated me well!
3// Breakfast for Dinner=Brinner=AWESOME
4//BYU basketball game. Excited to watch them play in the NIT final four next week. 
5//Just me and my bestest friend in the whole world 🙂
6//There has been a lot of talk about marriage equality lately. I have a love and respect for everyone. This proclamation on the family is what I believe. 
7//Finally got my ring cleaned this week. So sparkly.
8//New favorite recipe- chicken pineapple teriyaki veggie stir-fry. {recipe}
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  • Shio Waline

    You are seriously too cute & I heart your little blog! I found you through Marsa's blog 🙂 That veggie stir-fry seriously looks amazingly yummy!! I think I may have to give this a try 🙂 And I totally agree with you about the Proclamation, that is such a nice way to put how you feel about all this craziness going on! Excited to be a new follower, hope you can check my little blog out if you get a chance ;)xoxo,Shio

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