Spring Wants

Does any body else have a major shopping bug? I sure do.
This change of weather has made me want to completely revamp my wardrobe. 
This means online shopping! Have I bought anything? No. Do I want to? Yes!
My time wasting online shopping has helped me narrow down what I really want for this Spring.

floral pants

First off, I really want a pair of floral pants. I love that each of these has a different base color.
 So springy and fun!
spring statement necklaces

Statements necklaces just give that perfect finishing touch that makes a good outfit great. Personally, I feel like you can’t have enough of them. I’m loving the chunky simplicity of the bottom right one.
spring heels

Heels just make you feel so girly. They also make me feel longer and leaner!
I’m really wanting some bright colored ones like the top left pair- they would make any outfit exciting.

spring bags

Finally, I’m not a huge purse girl. I love my small across-the-body bags that are totally functional and don’t fall off of my shoulder every two seconds. But, summer is the exception. I love big bags that are great for going to the beach. I love all of these looks, but especially the simple white one- so versatile! 
Well, there you have it, my spring want list!
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