What a Weekend!

I talked about saying goodbye to summer last week, but this weekend sure felt like summer to me!
I thought we didn’t have plans for the weekend, but little did I know what fun was in store.
Friday night Scott earned the best Husband ever award and surprised me with tickets to the James Taylor, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert. First, many of you may not know, but James Taylor is my favorite artist ever. He has been since I was little. I like mainly all types of music, but the only person I can listen to any day, any mood, any circumstance, is James Taylor. Second, I had tried to score tickets to this concert in multiple ways and they all came up short. So, when Scott surprised me with tickets you could say I was a little excited.

After the concert, we went out to Ice Cream at Leatherby’s with Scott’s parents. Their sundaes are ridiculously huge! I asked for the smallest thing on the menu and it was still gigantic haha. It was tasty. And I admit, I did eat every last bit. 

Good memories.
Saturday morning I was up early doing the unreal amount of assigned reading for class when I got a text from my cousin about going boating. Um, YES! 
It was so much fun to get out on the lake one last time with this girl before she leaves for her 18 month mission for the church on Wednesday. All of our best memories together involve boating.
Wake surfing is my new favorite thing to do behind the boat (besides slalom skiing). Scott really got the hang of it this time and it was super fun to watch him. We’re nowhere near as awesome as my cousin and uncle, they’re naturals. 
The sun was out and the skies were clear the whole time we were boating, so we did not expect the MASSIVE storm that rolled through around 4. It was amazing, I’ve never seen a storm like that in Utah. But, even the storm was a fun and exciting addition to the weekend.
The perfect cap to the amazing weekend was watching BYU dominate Texas Saturday night. Ah, Such a good game! 
Now it’s back to real life. Happy Monday!
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  1. Carly on September 9, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    That looks like so much fun! Love you girlie!

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