A Thankful List- week two

November 4th- Good Friends
We both spent time with good friends this week. A good friend goes a long way.
November 5th- Weekends 
School and work have both been busy and stressful this week. We are always grateful for the weekend, but especially this week!
November 6th-Our home
Our little apartment isn’t much, but it’s our home and we LOVE it. So many memories. So many good times.
November 7th- Arts and Crafts
The ability to create something out of nothing is pretty amazing. 
November 8th- Technology
It’s awesome in so many ways! But that I can talk to my family miles away when ever I want is a pretty amazing blessing. 
November 9th- Burgers
Scott had two really good burgers this week. They are his favorite food and that’s why they are on this list 🙂
November 10th- Good examples
We are so lucky to have so many good examples in our lives. They make us work harder and strive to be better.
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  1. Kelsey Bang on November 12, 2013 at 3:14 am

    I am with ya, I am so grateful for burgers! they are the best!

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