Halloween Wreath DIY

First off, IT”S OCTOBER! yay
I love crafting, especially wreaths. I had so much fun last year making all of these crafts here, hereย and here to decorate my home for fall. I had been brainstorming ideas for a while for a Halloween wreath and all I knew was I wanted it to be simple and clean. I headed to the best store in the world, Hobby Lobby, and winged it from there.ย 
I ended up buying a straw wreath (because it was cheaper and thicker than Styrofoam), small wooden letters, orange paint and a small roll of decorative black ribbon. I also used my glue gun with this one.
^Netflix is a must at my crafting station.^
I started by wrapping alternating sections of black and white yarn and tying it off in a small knot (so if you look at the back of the wreath its covered in little knots).
Then I painted the wooden letters orange (the letters came in packs of 4 so I had some extras, but it was ok because they were only 99 cents per pack!)
Next I laid out the letters on the wreath until I was happy with how they looked. Then I hot glued them across the middle of each letter.
Ta Da! That’s it!ย 
It probably cost me $15 dollars to make it, which is more than I like to spend on crafts, but I love the way it turned out!! Plus I enjoyed my craft day.
Have a great Wednesday and first day of October!!
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