DIY Christmas Decoration

I am a lover of crafts, but even more so of Christmas crafts! 
We moved our Christmas tree this year to be in our bay window (which looks so awesome, I should have listened to Scott last year), but it left a big blank space. Right as you walk into our little apartment there is a door to the water heater that I always try to keep a decoration on. I made this craft for Halloween last year and so I thought I’d make a rendition for Christmas and this is the result. 
You’ll need cardboard letters, white paint, spray glue/adhesive and glitter. Also ribbon and a hot glue gun if you want to hang it.  
I bought everything at hobby lobby (make sure to use your 40% coupon that you get once a week- I always just look it up on my phone at checkout)
You start by painting the letters with a few coats of white paint. Once they are dry, spray each letter one at a time with adhesive and use your hands to pour glitter over the letter. Start at the bottom with a lot of glitter and slowly use less as you move up the letter to get the ombre effect.
I think the letters look so good at this point and if I had a mantle or somewhere to set them that’s probably what I would do with them. But I needed them to hang so I hot glued them to a white ribbon, hung it from a wreath hanger on the door and tied a bow at the top with another cut of ribbon.
I really like the way it turned out, and it looks even better when the house lights are off, the Christmas lights are on and it glitters. 
Tag me in pictures if you make it or a variation! I love to see!

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