The Crater and more fun

Last week we had a fun mid week date with some other great couples. We went to the crater at the Homestead in Midway Utah. I had heard about this place and it definitely lived up to everything! It was SO fun. Basically it is a hot spring under ground and is over 72 feet deep! We didn’t do any scuba diving though. We just enjoyed floating around in the warm water.
Goodness, this spring weather has been phenomenal! And the resulting blooms are amazing! I have to keep myself from taking too many pictures of all of them. 
 Now time for all of my Charlie pictures…(I’m sorry there are so many, but I can’t stop!)
With the warmer weather, Charlie has started to lay down on the tile to cool his furry self off.  
I love that he still likes to nap in my arms. It really makes him feel like my baby.
 This picture is super bad quality but I just love it. My whole little family cuddling up together for movie night. 
 Poor Charlie was neutered last week. He was pretty unhappy with me when I picked him up from the vet. It was really sad. He wouldn’t come out of his crate or look at me for a few hours. 
 But he was all better and back to his happy, playful self the next day. 
Somehow Charlie knows when his daddy is supposed to be home and waits by the door. It is the cutest thing ever! 
 Saturday was in a word, perfect. I spent the whole day with my two boys. We enjoyed the warm weather with various activities and had a in-n-out picnic in the park. 
I painted my nails to match the weather.

 Saturday we also made a trip to Home Depot (we love that place) to find some plants to fill our home with. These succulents are my favorite!
 So my cousins convinced me that snapchat is awesome and now I’m addicted! (username:Elisehhunter!) So here are some of my favorites from the last week.
Have a great day!!

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  1. Unknown on March 26, 2015 at 6:30 am

    i've always wanted to go to the crater! i'll have to convince isaac 😉 girl, welcome to the wonderful world of snapchat!xo, kpocket of blossoms

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