Summer so far!

My summer so far has been SO jam packed with wonderfulness! At the beginning of June we went down to New Mexico to visit my family. It was such a special weekend. My little brother went through the LDS temple for the first time and then he gave his farwell talk at church on Sunday.
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Charlie went down to New Mexico with us and was glued to my hip the entire time. He’s a mommas boy 😉
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On the way back to Utah Scott and I stopped in Durango Colorado for the day. We love this place! It is so beautiful!
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I took Charlie on a beautiful walk to some breathtaking views while Scott did some work (he’s such a hard worker that one!)
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Getting a selfie with a dog is pretty challenging haha

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Now for all of the Charlie cuddling with my belly photos… Sorry I just love them.
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Ok this flower filled truck was in front of a antique shop and I had to take a picture because it’s so gorgeous.
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Then my family came up to Utah to drop my little brother off at the MTC, celebrate my 25th birthday and Fathers day. It was so wonderful being all together for a few days before dropping him off.
It was the best birthday ever! I am just so overjoyed to be pregnant that I didn’t need or want anything. It is seriously the best gift ever! Last birthday was right after our first failed IVF and it was really hard. So this year was just amazing for so many reasons!
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Oh goodness it was hard saying bye to this boy for two years!
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We all had a hard time letting go haha so bittersweet! We’re so proud but we’re going to miss him so much.
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The moment of goodbye! All of us crying haha

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Wearing my absolute favorite maternity PJ’s to the owlet blogger party. It was such a blast! Sometimes a girls night is exactly what the doctor ordered!
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Our 4th of July Sunday attire 🙂
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I’m completely obsessed with him!
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My last minute 4th of July craft!

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  1. The Girl who Loved to Write on July 6, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    I love your fourth of july crafts! So cute!

  2. Courtney on July 6, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    Where did you get your black wedges? So cute!

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