My Must Have Baby Items!

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I really wanted to wait to do this post so I could tell you what I really use everyday with Lila. I bought so many baby items and these are the ones I use everyday.
 (You can just click on each item above. They’re linked to the best price I could find. Most of them are on sale!)
1. The Rock n’ Play. Ok this thing is a MUST for new moms! Lila still takes her naps in it everyday. It has the perfect angle (especially for newborns who often have reflux) and it vibrates and rocks. I think babies feel like they’re being held or something, but I could not live without this!
2. The DockATot. THIS IS MY #1 BABY ITEM! I did not really understand the hype when I bought it and my husband thought I was crazy. But after we came home from the hospital Lila would wake up EVERY TIME we put her down. Then we put her in the DockATot and she slept like a champ through anything! I really really REALLY recommend getting it before your baby arrives because I think starting her out in this might be the reason she is such a good sleeper. It created the habit of good sleeping right away. I am going to have to get the bigger size soon!
3. The Owlet Baby Monitor. This comes in a close second place! I LOVE my owlet! I’m working on a full review that should be up later this week! I wanted to use it for a few months before reviewing so I could give a real and honest review. All in all, the owlet gives me so much piece of mind. I would seriously never sleep. I would be checking to see if she was breathing alllllll the time. But with the owlet I can just check my phone to calm my nerves. 
4. VTech Baby Monitor. I have had a few friends buy the expensive video monitors only to have them hacked and someone watch and talk to their baby! It freaked me out SO bad. This monitor is just audio but is SO great. I can talk to Lila through it and calm her down and it has a great range in our house. It isn’t noisy and only picks up Lila’s sounds. It also has a light display of noise so when we’re watching a movie I can turn the sound off and just have it sitting in front of us and the light will pulse if she is making noise. I really love it!
5. Kickee Pants Pajamas. I wish I wouldn’t have bought any other pajamas for Lila. I only ever use these! They are softer than butter and super stretchy so they fit forever. Lila still fits in her 0-3 month sizes even though she’s a chunk and wears 6-12 month clothes. In the future they are the only pjs I will buy! They also have amazing swaddle blankets made of the same fabric. If Lila liked being swaddled I am sure it would have been my favorite. On top of being the comfiest thing ever, they come in THE cutest prints (I just love all the ruffles too!) -There are non-ruffled ones for the boys. 
6. Baby Bjorn Bouncer This thing is AMAZING! I went down to New Mexico to visit my family and my mom’s friend let me borrow this for my stay. It didn’t look like much, but Lila was hooked and so was I! So I got one while I was away so that it would be home when I got back (I couldn’t live without it). It is super light weight so it’s easy to move around the house. It must be so comfy because Lila will stay in this longer than she will stay in any other position. It has different levels of reclining and upright. Lila often falls asleep in it because she is just so content. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your house (silly I know, but I appreciate that since my home is now overrun by baby items)
7. Bouncer Toy Attachment If you get the bouncer this is a MUST. It one of the reasons Lila loves it so much. The little spinning toys occupy her for hours. Its really easy to clip on and off of the bouncer, but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever used the bouncer without it. 
8. Play Gym I got this as a baby shower gift and I had no idea I would use it literally everyday. Even when Lila was new and little I would set her under all the toys and her eyes would light up. There are lights and noises as well (beware the songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life haha). Lila has loved this in every new stage. I loved watching when she first tried to hit the toys and now she grabs them all and pulls them. I hang new and different toys from it every once in a while so that she is always entertained. 
9. Ergo Baby 360 I also received this as a baby shower gift and it is definitely a must. I am all about baby wearing to get things done. For the newborn stage I definitely used my wrap when she was in the newborn stage, but pretty quickly she didn’t want to be tied down and loved looking around. I love that the ergo 360 lets you carry them front facing safely (I worked with a lot of physical therapists that told my how important it was to use ergonomically safe baby wearers so you don’t mess with your baby’s physical development). This is the best for baby wearing for long periods of time. Like going on a hike, to a football game or deep cleaning the house. For shorter periods of time I recommend a sling! I love mine from My Wild Bird.

10. Puj Infant Tub We used this newborn tub every day when Lila first came home. She loves tubs and it totally calms her down. The Puj tub is so soft, really portable and easy to store, but still really supportive for your baby. It was so easy to slip right into our kitchen sink for bath time. I was really sad when she outgrew it! (We now use this bathtub and it’s been great. I love how affordable it is and it does the job well.) We also received a puj bathtowel as a gift and it’s so nice. It hooks around your neck so that when you bend over to pick up your baby the towel stays in place. I am also going to order these super cute tub grippy spots to put in the bottom of our tub once Lila isn’t in a baby tub anymore. 
11. Baby Bling Bows This is for the girl mommas out there. I am obsessed with these baby bows. I mean I love all baby bows, but these are my favorite. The wide nylon band is so comfy for Lila and never leaves a mark on her head. They have such a wide selection of colors and styles (I’m sure you’ve seen my obsession with the fur pom ones and love the cable knit ones too), they’re easy to wash and I’m all about how big the bow is!

Ok. Those are my most used and loved baby items! Below are my honorable mentions 🙂

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