Our favorite and most used baby toys!

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These are our most used baby toys! You can click the items above and it will take you to the product!

1.  The Fisher Price Basics Rock-a-stack is such a classic toy and for good reason! Lila loves to pull off all the rings and play with them. She hasn’t gotten the putting them back on part yet but when she does the toy will be even that much more fun! The ring shapes are perfect for her to hold and the bright primary colors will be a great learning tool soon.

2. The Teething Banana!!! This thing is a MUST for us! If we lost it i’d have to run and buy a new one ASAP. It fits perfectly in Lila’s mouth and she loves the way the little bristles feel on her gums. It’s also good practice for teeth brushing in the future.

3.  The HAPE Activity Cube. THIS IS OUR NUMBER ONE! My mom is awesome and did a lot of research on what the best developmental toys are and she said that this was the best. Lila LOVE playing with all sides of it and the top too. It’s great because it provides what seems like never ending learning and entertainment. When she gets bored of one activity I just rotate the cube. It has also given her incentive to stand because she loves playing with the top. I thought she wouldn’t be into it until she was older but she started playing with it at 5 months. HAPE toys in general are amazing.

4. In my opinion you can never have too many of these basic links! Lila loves playing and chewing with them on their own, but I love having a stash in the diaper bag for when she’s in her stroller or a shopping cart and I don’t want her toys falling on the ground and getting covered in germs. I link a few together to create a chain and then hook one end to the toy and the other to the cart or stroller and bingo! No more toy throwing or falling on the ground!

5. We have so many of these little hanging toys! They’re usually what I have in my diaper bag that I hook to the links 🙂

6. These rattles are super basic, but Lila LOVES them. They have a hard rattle end and a soft fabric end. Lila loves shaking them around, chewing on both ends and they are the perfect size and shape to fit in her little hands.

7. This Sit-to-Stand interactive walker is a great price for all the bells and whistles. The part with the buttons detaches and can lay on the ground or can be hooked to the walker. Lila uses it both ways and already stands up behind the walker (it has a wheel locking feature so It won’t roll away when they play with it) . She can’t walk behind it yet but I’m sure it will be great when she can too!

8. I just grabbed this Laugh and Learn Stages Puppy for Christmas and really had no idea how awesome it would be! It has three different levels and is really great developmentally. When you squeeze a body part it will tell you the name of it and sing a little song. Lila loves it! She always gives it a big hug when I give it to her and particularly loves the ears!

9. The Jumperoo is not only a toy but a must-have in my opinion to get things done! Lila can stay happy, playing and jumping for up to an hour in this thing while I clean or do laundry! It’s awesome! It rotates 360 degrees with all kinds of toys and has 3 different height levels as they grow.

10. This is toy is great to hang from the car seat to keep Lila entertained during drives. I don’t wrap the whole thing around, but instead just hook one end and let it hang so she can reach it, but she loves it!

11.  Crinkle Books are one of Lila’s favorite things. I have like 6 of them for her. They always keep her entertained I love the ones I have like this one that have a link so I can hook them to the links and on her stroller or shopping cart 🙂

12. Any taggies toys are a winner! Why the babies like the tags so much I will never understand, but they keep her entertained for such a long time. These are ones I love to have in the diaper bag because they are quite but can keep her entertained at church or at an appointment.

13. These little steering wheel toy is great for when they start sitting up!


  1. Helen on February 23, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Very useful post, thank you! Just ordered the fisher price stacking rings for my five month old daughter, as I'm hoping she will be sitting up soon. She got the laugh and learn puppy for Christmas too, but I hadn't taken it out of the box yet as I wasn't sure if she was ready for it, but inspired by this post I got it out today and she seemed to like it! She also loves her jumperoo (we bought a secondhand one from gumtree I must admit as it seemed quite pricey for something she will probably only use for a relatively short time). The jumperoo is definitely helpful when you need to get things done!

  2. The Girl who Loved to Write on February 24, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    The teething banana was a must over here, too!

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