Toddler Gift Guide!

I’ve had a lot of questions recently on some of Lila’s favorite toys and gift recommendations. Toddlers are so much fun but it can be a hard age to figure out what they would really love and use (besides the obvious cardboard box haha).

Some of these toys are ones that we have and Lila loves and others are ones that have amazing reviews and I will maybe be getting her for Christmas. All of them are from Amazon – because I’m obsessed and two-day shipping and they always have the best prices for you guys.

Lila is just getting to the age that she loves to pretend play. These are also great options because pretend play is amazing for toddler development and will only increase in the coming years (so these toys will get lots of use now and in the years to come).

1- Cleaning Set Lila is always wanting to help me clean so I think these will be perfect for her to play with while I’m cleaning up!
2- Vaccum This has the best reviews and all of my friends swear by it! I will definitely have this on Lila’s Christmas list!
3- Kitchen (this one is currently on sale and a phenomenal price)
4- Pots and Pans Lila could play with these forever.
5- Food
6- Makeup Lila loves playing with my makeup but that is starting to get messy so I think this pretend one will hopefully keep her occupied while I’m using mine.
7- Doll Stroller These are so affordable and provide hours of entertainment!
8- Washable doll – This is the best-rated doll on amazing because of the options of skin color and that it’s completely machine washable. It’s also the perfect size!
9- Shopping Cart – All of my friends swear by this little guy!

All toys and play are good for childhood development, but these toys are geared directly towards learning. Whether it’s hand-eye coordination, speech or general knowledge development, these are GREAT options!

1- Play Desk – I have heard the most amazing things about this toy. Not only does keep them occupied for long periods of time,  but it is so educational too! It has a learning desk with interchangeable learning sheets, chalkboard, and art station. Plus you can buy expansion packs of more learning sheets to use as they grow!
2- Play Cube- This is hands down my #1 baby toy for this age. My mom got it for Lila for Christmas Last year and it is amazing how much she plays with it and how she has loved it through so many different stages and ages! It is FANTASTIC!
3- Doodle Pad – I’m so excited to get one of these for Lila! They are perfect for when your child needs to be occupied without noise (aka church).
4- Shapes Cube– If you don’t get the big play cube get this and the toy below to get some of the best features 🙂
5- Pound and Tap
6-Interactive Book – Lila LOVES this book. It’s interactive and sings the songs as you turn the pages.
7- Musical instruments
8- Mega blocks – These are so great for hand-eye coordination and imaginative play!
9- Knob puzzles
10- Color Wonder Set  – The only way to do coloring with a toddler haha

Lila is definitely an active one so these toys options are some of my favorites! They keep her from climbing and jumping all of over my furniture (which is much more dangerous) and helps her get out her wiggles!

1-Toddler Trampoline – Oh goodness I want this so bad! I know Lila would LOVE it!
2- Popup tent – I’m going to be getting this for Lila’s room for her for Christmas! I can see her and her new little sister playing in it for hours. Plus it folds up so tiny for easy put away!
3- Toddler Hoop This was one of my favorite toys growing up and I just feel like it’s a must!
4- Ride on Scooter – Lila already has this one and plays with it every day. She loves to play the music as she scoots around the house.
5- Popup tubes These are a must with the popup tent!
6- Little Tikes Car Lila got this for her Birthday and it has been a huge hit! I think she will continue to love it for years to come too. We ride it inside and all around the neighborhood too.
7- Ball pit – Don’t forget to buy the Balls too- I got this for Lila for Christmas last year and it is such a great present! Kids just love playing in ball pits. Lila likes me to throw in some of her toys too and try to find them in the balls.
8- Climber  Oh man, this would provide HOURS of fun! I want to get this and put it indoors for winter and then move it outside once it gets warm. It has great safety reviews too. I also love THIS toddler slide we have it and Lila plays with it every day.

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  1. Rachel Cole on November 11, 2017 at 1:49 am

    My son has a trampoline that he got for his first birthday & he absolutely LOVES it! I definitely recommend it. Our babies are close in age, he was born August 22nd, so I agree with you on a lot of these toys! We either have them or they are on our list! I love watching Lila & so does my son, Hudson!

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