Girls Nursery – Two under Two!

I’m so excited to share the Girls updated Nursery today! Lila’s room is very big and the only one close to our room so we decided we will put the two girls together! 
The focus for the whole Nursery is the GORGEOUS removable vinyl wallpaper from ShopBDarling! I saw it and fell in love! I knew I wanted it to be the center of the whole room! (they have SO many other amazing prints!- I want a different one for every room in my house)
The wallpaper was SO incredibly easy to put up. My husband and I put it up in an hour and a half! I couldn’t believe it! 
The first thing we did was paint the whole room white. Painting isn’t my husband’s favorite but he was so nice and painted everything! Walls, trim, ceiling and doors. It’s amazing how much brighter and lighter the whole space feels!
My other favorite additions/changes to the room are the amazing rug (I got the largest size). It’s so soft and fluffy and perfect. It lightens up the room so much

This swivel/glider/recliner is still one of our favorite things we’ve ever purchased (it also comes in gray). SO comfortable and functional. We actually bought a second one for our family room we love it so much haha.
The bookshelves are actually picture shelves from IKEA– only $7 each!!
I love this little wall and can’t wait to add baby girl #2’s name to my painting. I’ve had lots of questions for a tutorial on these paintings but all I did was buy two canvases from Hobby Lobby, paint them white and then hand lettered the letter on the canvas with a paintbrush and black paint. 
The bookshelf/toy box is very used and such a great price!
Our changing table was a gift. I painted it white and added the gold hardware. The mirror I found at hobby lobby- make sure to hang it with a good anchor and use command strips to stick around to the wall as well- it’s pretty heavy! The furry ottoman is also a hobby lobby find and the book and blanket baskets are from Target. 
Oh, I just could sit and stare at the wallpaper all day!
The girls matching green blankets are from Saranoni (our very favorite blankets)
The little end table and lamp are old, but I got them at Target. 

We’re so in love with our baby monitor that is mounted on the wall. It has been PERFECT. Easy to use, stylish, the picture both night and day is amazing quality and you can set alerts for sound or movement. I’m thinking I’ll need another one for over baby sister’s crib. 
Can’t believe baby sister will be here in a few DAYS!!!


  1. Ashley Ziegler on March 28, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Very cute nursery! I love the wallpaper!

  2. Unknown on March 29, 2018 at 5:54 am

    oh my goodness!!! I haven't read any blogs in a really long time, and I am SO excited for you to have your second!! Your nursery looks AMAZING! Congratulations <3 this is such amazing news

  3. R's Rue on April 3, 2018 at 5:16 pm

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