Contours Options Elite Double Stroller and Bassinet Review

I’m so excited to be sharing my honest review of the Contours Options Elite Double Stroller and Bassinet on the blog today! I have done A LOT of research on double strollers ever since I found out I was pregnant with Gracie 10 months ago! 
Let me start by saying overall I absolutely LOVE this stroller! 
Here are the things I love about it. 
  • All of the options!
    •  This stroller comes with two identical seats that can both face forward, face each other, both face you or face opposite directions. 
  • The BASSINET! 
    • This is a new add-on option for this stroller that just came out and it is a game changer! This is the only tandem double that you can put the bassinet close to you! (like in the picture above) All of the other competitors I’ve looked you have to have the bassinet in front and the heavier child by you OR in this position but the older child has to oddly face the bassinet in front instead of looking out.
    • The bassinet is AMAZING for a newborn. As a Speech Language Pathologist, I know all about the anatomy of infants airways and how it’s not safe for them to stay in an infant car seat for too long. The bassinet allows me to go for a walk and if she falls asleep I can just detach it, take her inside and let her keep napping! It’s a game changer for me. 
    • It’s so comfy! Gracie is so much happier on walks in the bassinet. 
  • The suspension. 
    • It has front and rear wheel suspension- and you can feel it. This is my husbands favorite part. It is a very smooth ride for the girls even on bumpy terrain. Gracie’s little head doesn’t bobble!
  • The maneuverability. 
    • It is really easy to maneuver even with the heavy child in front! Like surprisingly easy! It makes tight turns and handles changes in the ground (elevation, bumps etc) really well!
  • The FOLD!
    • It folds with both seats on! And stands! That is incredible.
  • The basket.
    • The storage basket underneath is huge!
  • The PRICE.
    • The stroller with BOTH seats is $399. That is unreal. Usually, tandem strollers are more than that and then you have to buy a second seat.
  • The adjustable footrests. 
    • I really love this feature. It’s nice to be able to adjust the angle of the seat footrests as baby grows. 
  • The swing away bumper bars. 
    • The bumper bars open on either side and swing away. This makes it really easy to get my squirmy toddler in and out of the seat. 
  • The look. 
    • I think it’s a really modern, good looking stroller. 
    • It is surprisingly lightweight in comparison to other doubles I have owned or tried!

Things that I don’t love as much.
  • No telescopic handlebar. 
    • I’m pretty short so this is one of those features that I’ve loved on other strollers, but the more I’ve used it the more I’m totally fine with the height it’s at. It’s just nice to have the perfect height that a telescopic option gives. 
  • Foam handlebar. 
    • haha I guess I’m a handlebar snob. But I love the feel of a leatherette handle. The foam is really high quality and feels good too! (you can’t expect everything for that price!)
  • It’s pretty big.
    • Although it’s amazing that it folds with both seats on, it’s pretty bulky and hard/awkward to lift. Luckily I have a large car so it fits just fine. A lot of the time I take the seats off before folding because it seems to be more compact that way. 
  • Just a double. 
    • It’s an amazing double stroller, but it doesn’t really work as a single to double option. It just looks odd with one seat on it. It’s made to be a double! Which isn’t a problem for me because that’s what I need it for. 
  • Bassinet detach.
    • It’s a little difficult to detach the bassinet when there is a baby in there. It’s doable and I’ve gotten better and better at it the more I’ve done it! I just wish there were buttons instead of large catch clasps. 
  • Basket hard to access with the bassinet. 
    • The storage basket is so big but when the bassinett is used its hard to get anything in or out of there. They’re aware though and have little zip openings on either side to access it. That’s great for smaller things but hard to put a diaper bag in there. This is the smallest of all my complaints becuase it’s easy to access the storage bag with the two seats on. It’s only because the bassinet is large which I prefer 🙂
Overall, we LOVE this stroller! I would highly recommend it!

I was gifted this stroller in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and words are my own! 

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