2 year old gift ideas

1. My First Trampoline– This is surprisingly affordable for the quality! We have one and both Scott and I can get in it with Lila (we don’t jump, but it really is a minitrampoline)! This also works great for getting stuff done! Lila will jump in here all zipped up for a half hour or more and I can clean or cook or whatever! Such a great option! So great to get out all that 2-year-old energy!
2. Magformers – This was the number one thing recommended to me! Magnetic blocks are great for imagination and fine motor skills! Everyone said not only do their two-year-olds love them but that they love them all the way up to age five.
3. Little People Barn – Little people everything was recommended over and over again! This barn was recommended the most though! If your little one loves animals this is a great one! So great for imaginative play!
4. Play Kitchen – Again, this recommended over and over again! This specific play kitchen is a fantastic deal and great quality. Some play food and pots and pans are also a must to go with this gift!
5. Sorting Bears – Not only do little ones LOVE this toy, but it is SO great developmentally! You can practice colors, patterns, sorting, counting etc. in a fun way! Definitely got these for Lila and can’t wait to play with them with her!
6. Wiggle Car– EVERYONE loves wiggle cars! I had no idea what they were until I saw I a million of them in my neighborhood! Kids can’t seem to get enough of these! A 2-year-old can definitely get the hang of one of these quickly and will enjoy it for years to come! One of those gifts that will be used for years!
7. LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart – I’ve never heard or seen this toy before I asked for recommendations on my Instagram account, but this one was recommended over and over again! Every mama said their kids can’t get enough of it!
8. Roll and Play Game- This is an awesome first game for kids! It’s simple and easy but also fun! It’s great to help kids learn rules and how to play a game!
9. Little People Castle- Again everyone loves the little people and if you’ve got a little girl the castle is where it’s at!
10. Play Guitar– This is an amazing gift! Kids LOVE it and play with it for hours! My little brother had one and we played with it for years!
11. Play Cube- THIS IS MY NUMBER 1 TOY!!!! If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve talked about this toy a million times. My mom got this for Lila when she was 6 months old and she has literally played with it every day since. It’s so great for so many developmental ages. It is still Lila’s favorite.
12. Cozy Coupe Car-  This one is a no-brainer! Such a classic for so long! Kids love it for years!
13. Stick Horse–  This was a great idea recommended by quite a few moms! Great for imaginative play and active play too! Lila is obsessed with horses so this might be a must buy for us!
14. Vtech Desk – We don’t have this one but lots of Lila’s friends do and it’s always a hit! Such a great toy for learning and development. It’s also great that you can buy add-on packs to always keep it new!
15. Easel – This is such a great idea! This particular easel is the top rated. It has a whiteboard, is magnetic, has a paper roll, chalkboard and is height adjustable!
16. Doctors Kit – Perfect for imaginative play! Such a classic as well!
17. Trike – I totally thought Lila was to young for a trike but we had this one in the basement and I brought it upstairs for her to just push around but to my surprise so totally mastered it! This one is the perfect size for 2-year-olds. They can reach the pedals easily. Lila also loves the little hatch in the back to put stuff in to tow around. We also bought a kids basket and hooked it to the front. Such a great one!
18. Toddler Scooters– These were recommended over and over again! We don’t have one but might have to try it out.
19. Rody Horse– This was another toy I hadn’t heard of but was recommended many times. Your kids love it and bounce on it all day long!
20. Basket Ball Hoop– Can never go wrong with this one! Hours of entertainment and fun! Great for practicing coordination too!
21. Little People House – Lila plays with this at her Mimi and Papa’s house and LOVES it!
22. Sit n spin – One I wouldn’t have thought of but would definitely provide hours of entertainment!
23. Bath Toys – New bath toys are always a great gift idea! I found these nemo ones that Lila would go crazy over!
24. Toddler Coaster– Lila’s friend got one of these for his 2nd birthday and its so fun! A little mini roller coaster they can go on over and over. Quite safe too!
25. Cuttable Play Food – So many of you recommended this play food that you velcro together and then cut apart. All the mamas said their kids play with it for hours!
26. Peppa Castle – I don’t know much about Pepa the pig but this was recommended so much I had to include it in the list!
27. Mega Blocks – Definitely in the top 5. Such a great gift for a 2 year old!
28. Dress up Chest – Right at this age is when kids start loving to dress up so this is a great gift idea! Another cute option would be a rack of dress up clothes!
29. Play Vacuum – I really need to buy this because so many of you recommend it over and over again! Plus it teaches kids cleaning is fun? Win Win!
30.  Doll Stroller – This provides HOURS of entertainment. I got one for Lila for Christmas and it was a hit! However, I bought a cheap $15 one and it broke pretty quickly. This one is known for its sturdiness! Reviews say that kids push each other around in it no problem and that’s definitely what you want to look for when buying one!
31. Animal Figurines – This is one of the best gifts! They love making the sounds of the animals and using them for imaginative play! A basic toy every kid needs!
32. Shopping Cart – One of the most recommended toys! The kids love it for so many reasons!
33. Car Track– Kids LOVE putting the cars down the track over and over again! I love this option because it has two levels. Kids can stand up and run cars down or adjust it and sit to play with the cars. Just lots of fun options for a good price.
34. Balance Bike– Again, I’ve never had one but so many of you recommended it, I had to put it on the list!
35. Bubble Mower – Endless hours of fun!
Other Ideas
  • Membership to a local Zoo or Kids Museum
  • Putting money is a savings account for them
  • Books (Always a must!)
  • Stuffed Animals


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