Board and Batten Wall DIY

I’ve been wanting to add this board and batten feature wall to master bedroom ever since we moved in, but we’ve always had more important projects or babies to take care of.
Two weeks ago we had a free Saturday and decided to take it on! It’s a relatively inexpensive project for how wonderful and high end it looks! It’s also really quick if you have the right tools.
Here’s a Before of the wall
What you’ll need!
2.5 inch wide MDF molding (the size of your wall will determine how many you need)
Sand Paper
Baby wipes
Paint roller
Painters Tape
Painting Tarp
Tools you’ll need
Nail Gun and air compressor
(This is the one we have and it is fantastic! You’ll win awesome wife points if you buy it for your hubby haha)
(this is the one my husband picked and we’ve been very happy with it)
How to measure the size of your squares
This is the hardest part and takes a bit of math.
I wanted my squares to be around 20 inches in size. First, I measured the size of my wall height and width. I divided the width of the wall by 20inches and the closest whole number it came to was 8. I then took the width of the wall and divided it by 8 and that gave me something like 23 inches. I then divided the height of the wall by 23 inches and it equaled 3.7. This means that one of the squares (either top or bottom) would be shorter (and not perfect squares). I was fine with the bottom squares being slightly shorter than the rest because they’ll be covered by the bed and nightstands. No one will really notice! So then I had my measurement for the square width- 23×23. But this measurement also includes the molding itself! So don’t forget to minus the width of the molding (2.5 inches) to get the inside measurement between the boards! This is the number you will need the most!


Begin by nailing the molding to the edges of the wall. We did not need to add molding to the bottom of the wall because our baseboards are already square edged. If you have rounded edge or decorative baseboards you will probably want to pull them off the wall and add the 2.5 inch MDF instead.
Next measure, cut and nail the vertical molding pieces.
It is important to make sure they are perfectly level before nailing them to the wall so that you will create perfect squares. The distance between the two molding pieces will be that number that we calculated before.
Next measure, cut and nail the small horizontal pieces to create squares! Again, make sure each piece is level before nailing. To make our squares perfectly even we created a template piece of wood that we put between each square to make sure it was the exact distance apart.


Nailing is done!


Next is the spackling! Spackle all of the holes made by the nails and let it dry.
Once the spackling is dry sand it down so that the extra spackling is gone and the area is smooth.
Next is Caulking! This is probably the most time-consuming part of the project.
You want to do this before painting especially if you will be painting the wall a color other than white!
Load the caulk into the caulking gun, cut the tip and begin applying. You will want to apply the caulk everywhere the molding meets the wall and where the molding meets each other. This fills in all of the spaces and imperfections! It makes it look perfect!!
I would recommend watching this video before beginning!
Caulk dries pretty quickly so we apply a section, push the caulking into the cracks with our finger and then wipe the excess off the wall with a baby wipe. *we’ve tried a bunch of different techniques and this is what we’ve found to work best!
Once you’re done caulking, you’re ready to paint!


And that’s it!! We already had all of the tools and only had to buy the molding itself and the paint. It cost us total $105 for this project and we have a very large wall! Most likely this project would cost you even less!
If you don’t have the power tools, you can rent them at your local home depot!
I LOVE the way it turned out! Now to redecorate!!


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