Kitchen Nook

This week we added a dining nook to our kitchen! We’ve wanted to do this since the day we moved in. The eating area in the kitchen is small and we knew that the way to get the biggest table and best use of the space would be a built-in bench tucked in the corner. I also love how cozy and functional it is!
We found a local guy to build the bench and table to the exact measurements and look we wanted. (The bench lifts up and has storage in it!)
I LOVED picking out all of the pillows! Here are the links to them. 
and these are the inserts I got for all of them. 

Here is a link to a similar table if you don’t want to find someone to build one. 

I searched high and low for this style of chair that was made of metal and finally found them! I LOVE them!!

Here’s a link to our chandelier too!

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